8 Tips on How to Take Good Care of Books

Just like how we want to remain healthy to live life to the fullest, we also want our books to stay in good condition so that we can enjoy reading and re-reading them. Here are a few simple tips that you can easily follow to keep your books as good as new. 

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1. Keep your books away from direct sunlight and other high intensity light as these can speed up the deterioration of paper and cause fading or discoloration of book covers or dust jackets.

2.Shelve your books upright and support them with bookends so they won’t slump or become misshapen.

3. Always store books upright or flat, keeping similarly sized books together.

4. Handle books with clean dry hands. Oils, perspiration, dirt, and food residue can cause a lot of damage.

5. Try not to store your books in attics, which becomes too hot, or basements which can become to moist.

6.Don’t use thick objects like pens for bookmarking. Instead, use a simple bookmark. No need to buy a fancy bokmark, a piece of paper or anything thin and clean will do.

7. If you’re living with younger siblings or kids, don’t leave your books lying on the table, sofa or on the floor otherwise your younger siblings or kids might mistake it for a toy. Yikes!

8. Don’t pack books too tightly on the shelves or they may crack or become scratched if they are pulled out too tightly.

If there are other ways to take care of books that I failed to mention, please feel free to type it down on the comment section below. 👇☺

May your books be always in good condition. 



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