Why I Love Books 😄❤📚

What’s up book lovers? It’s been almost a week since I last posted because well, life happened. As you have read from the title,  I’m going to share to you the reasons why I love books. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the post.

1. Books take me to places I’ve never been to. 

I love travelling and books help me do that without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket. Books take me to places that are imaginary, even. They transport me to places I can’t literally set foot on. 

2. Books make me see a whole new perspective. 

Have you ever experienced seeing the world in a whole new light after reading a book? This happens to me every single time I finish a book. Books help me understand more about how people feel and how people perceive things. There’s just something about books that make me connect more about the character than watching movies. Maybe it’s because the thoughts of the character are written and he seems to be talking to me like a friend letting in on a secret he doesn’t want to share with anyone else. I like how I can relate to some of the characters which gets me thinking that there are other people who have experienced or are currently experiencing what I’ve been through. 

3. Books make real life more exciting.

Books make real life more exciting in a way that they make the fairies in my grandma’s garden real and make the ocean like a massive mysterious abyss. 

4. Books are my safe haven. 

They are my go-to-place when life gets too stressful to handle so I just jump into the rabbit hole and escape reality for a while. Especially when anxiety strikes causing my heart to palpitate and when deep breathing doesn’t seem to be enough, I read. Books take me to a whole different dimension and help me forget my problems for a while. After reading, I usually feel less stressed thus, making my brain creatively think of solutions to whatever problem I have.

5. And most importantly, books are friends. 

How about you, do you love books? Comment down why you love them. 👇😄📚❤