Favorite Lines from Cress by Marissa Meyer

“Never underestimate the stealth of a criminal mastermind.”
“Yet Carswell Thorne, when given a chance to explain, always had a reason. A good reason. A heart-stopping, pulse-racing, awe-inspiring reason.”

“I don’t mind the scars.” He shrugged, his eyes taking on a mischievous spark. “They hold better memories now than they used to.”

“A couple years ago, upon realizing that her living accommodations offered few opportunities to be active, Cress had gone on a fitness kick. She’d installed all the games with a program that chose from a variety of fitness activities, which she would be required to perform from every time she lost.”

“Soften her up with flattery. Good strategy.”

“She would have freedom, and friendships, and purpose. And she would be with him.”


“I am an explorer,” she whispered, “setting courageously off into the wild unknown.”

“My life is an adventure,” she said, growing confident as she opened her eyes again. “I will not be shackled to this satellite anymore.”

“Her thoughts hummed as she tried to pull together every minute detail, to store this moment safely away in a place where she would never, ever forget.”

“If you had even one small thing that brought you happiness, or hope that things could someday be better, then maybe that would be enough to sustain you.”

“It may have been a fragile hope, but right now, it was the best hope he had.”

“You made the best decision you could at that time.”

“Courage comes in different forms.”

“He’d rather fight, and lose, than become another one of her pawns. We all would.”

“You’re awfully sweet, Cress. I don’t want to hurt you.” Never had she thought that such kind words could sting, but she couldn’t help feeling that his compliment didn’t mean what she wanted it to mean.

“She would go on like her heart wasn’t shattered.”

“I guess you could say I enjoy a challenge.”

“She was a girl. A living girl, smart and sweet and awkward and unusual, and she was worth far more than they could ever realize.”

“She found herself staring into a face that was both handsome and murderous.”

“I like to maintain an air of mystery.”



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