Ring Origami for Mother’s Day

Origami papers are usually square in shape but this time, we’re going to use a rectangle.

1. So first off, cut the square origami paper into half to create a rectangle.

2. Fold and unfold to create 4 creases as shown.

3. Fold the outer sides towards the middle.

4. Repeat the action.

5. Bring in the right side to the left and fold as shown.

6. Fold the right corners into the middle.

7. Unfold so that it will look like the one on the step 4.

8. Fold in a way that the same marks meet.

9. When you reverse it, this is what it looks like on the other side.

10. Align the edges of the upper layer with the center line.

11. Reverse it again and this is what it looks like.

12. Fold the right strip to the left.

13. Align the edges with the center line.

14. Fold at the blue line, unfold and form a ring.

15. Put the ring in the finger and fix up the shape.

That’s it!

I’ve used an orange origami paper for my ring but you can use different colors like pink or gold. You can also use origami papers with flower designs or use your mom’s favorite color!

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