Mystery May Day 1

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#mysterymay is a challenge wherein I post mysteries from the book Two-Minute Mysteries by Donald J. Sobol. 

It’s already halfway through May but today is the start of Mystery May. Yay!

I’m answering one mystery per night and I’m enjoying this book so much that I want to share to the readers of this blog, Flexi Reads, and whoever has stumbled upon this blog because the mysteries are very short yet challenging.

1. The Case of The Attic Suicide

Motoring through Ashe City, Dr. Haledjian decided to drop in on his old friend, Carl Messner. At Messner’s home he was shocked to learn that three days earlier his friend had hanged himself.

“Carl Messner was in excellent health and spirits when I heard from him last month,” Haledjian told the sheriff. “Here all there is to the case.

“Archie Carter, Mr. Messner’s manservant, was returning to the house late that night when he noticed a light in the attic. As Carter got out of his car, he saw through the open attic window Mr. Messner knotting a rope around his neck. The other end of the rope was tied to a rafter. Then Mr. Messner calmly kicked away the small stool he was standing on, and that was it.

“Carter found the house doors locked. He had forgotten his keys so he ran to a neighbor and telephoned me. He reported to me exactly what I’ve told you,” said the sheriff.

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“When I got out to the Messnee house, I had to force the front door. Then Carter and I dashed up three floors to the attic. Mr. Messner was dead. The coroner has no doubt death was from hanging.

“The attic floor was clear except for the little stool that lay overturned by the door, and a broken clay jug that must have been hit by the stool,” concluded the sheriff.

“I’d like to go out to the hosue again,” said Haledjian. “From what you’ve told me of Carter’s story, he’s lying!”

How did Haledjian know

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