Bucket List – Ride a Ferris Wheel Alone (Check)

So I went to Odaiba to watch Lantern Festival. And guess what?

I got lost in the train station on the way. Yes, I get lost in train stations often.

Especially now that I don’t have my glasses with me, I can’t see far. Fun fact: I’m near sighted. LoL

I arrived 30 minutes late since I got lost, and thought that the lanterns were just at the opening because I didn’t see any lanterns.

This was the view that I was expecting (up). But instead, I got this (down).

“Where are the lanterns?!” I thought.

There I was, sitting on the dock with my earphones on, listening to “I See The Lights” that I previously downloaded along with other songs from “Tangled,” for my playlist during the Lantern Festival.

Suddenly, a booming voice blared through the speakers for an announcement: “THE LANTERN FESTIVAL HAS BEEN CANCELLED”

I was like, “WHAT?!” Well, actually everyone was like, “WHAT?!”

And just like that, as if on cue, everyone started scrambling for the exit.

I had no other plans besides the lantern festival and since it got cancelled, I had nothing to do.

So like a responsible adult, I had a tantrum. Just kidding. I stayed for a while and tried to enjoy the view despite the voices in my head shouting how I’ve wasted time and money for this event which eventually got cancelled.

After half an hour of contemplating whether to go home or see more of the city, I decided to go back to the train station.

On the way to the train station, I saw a Ferris wheel. So I decided to ride solo. Yup, it was a new experience riding alone.

The ride was inside this shopping mall.

I rode at 9pm so the view was romantic. But I was alone! Hahaha But I vlogged so I didn’t feel lonely.

The entire ride took 16 minutes and there were times that I didn’t vlog so during those minutes, I felt a bit lonely. So I continued vlogging despite knowing that my device’s memory is almost full.

16 minutes flew by and before I know it, the door was being opened by the staff, and the summer breeze greeted me as I stepped out of the ride and into the night.

Have you ever tried riding in a Ferris wheel alone? I just did! And it was AWESOME!

If you did try, comment down below and if you didn’t, let me know if you want to try.

Do you have other activities to try alone? Let me know! I might add that to my BUCKET LIST.

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