Hokkaido Fair In Yoyogi “The Hokkaido Shokudo”

Date: October 3~6, 2019

Time: 10AM ~ 7PM

Place: Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Entrance: Free

Authentic Hokkaido Gourmet in Tokyo

“The Hokkaido Shokudo” is a term used for the gourmet event produced by Japanese Corporations and Northern Japan Advertising Companies.

This event aims to reach more people to spread the palatable dishes from Hokkaido.

In order to spread the authentic taste of Hokkaido, the coordinators made sure that only exhibitors having main offices and production factories in Hokkaido are allowed to exhibit their dishes.

Authentic food from popular stores, well-known local shops, and hidden famous stores, are served fresh.

Terms Used:

*HokkaidoOne of the main islands of Japan, located in the north. Famous for ski resorts and natural hot springs (onsen).

*shokudoJapanese term meaning “dining hall” or “cafeteria”

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