Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

Date: 10/24~11/4

Time: 10AM~9PM (Nov. 4 until 6PM)

Place: 1-1 Komazawa Koen, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (Central Area)

Entrance: Free

1 ramen ticket: 880 yen (Tickets from the ticket booth are used to buy ramen)

The 11th Ramen Show, the largest outdoor ramen event, is held at Komazawa, Tokyo this year. Top ramen stores from all across Japan have gathered to participate in the event.

1. Toyama Black (Toyama Gulf Special Ramen) – Toyama Prefecture

2. Sea Urchin Soba in Rich Chicken Broth – Ibaraki Prefecture

3. Golden Wonton Noodles in White Soy Sauce – Saitama Prefecture

4. Back Fat Meat Soba in Soy Sauce – Kyoto

5. Niigata Rich-Flavored Miso Ramen – Niigata Prefecture

6. Rich-Flavored Kurume Ramen – Fukuoka Prefecture

7. Grilled Beef’s Tongue Leek Salt Soba of Date – Miyagi Prefecture

8. Karashibi Pork Belly Ramen

9. Hokkaido Savory Pork Belly Miso

10. Super Thick and Flat Chinese Soba

11. Kumamoto Kurotei Ramen – Kumamoto Prefecture

12. Shinshu Beef Miso Ramen – Nagano Prefecture

13. Salt-Flavored Chinese Soba – Tokyo

14. Sapporo Hogiri Jaga Shirayu Miso with Sea Urchin Sauce – Hokkaido

15. Cherry Chicken with Golden Chinese Chicken – Yamagata Prefecture

16. Shellfish Ramen – Osaka

17. Chicken Shirayu Ramen – Fukushima Prefecture

18. Chashu Fluffy Toro Wontan Ramen – Yamagata Prefecture

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