Klaus Movie Quotes


The two clans, Ellingboe and the Krums, have had centuries long feud which they call “tradition” and they refuse to make peace with the belief that that’s what their ancestors want.

When the new postman arrives in town, he gets mocked because no one uses the mail and so having a postman in town would be useless.

Will the two clans reunite and finally break the “tradition”?

Will the new postman be able to make the residents write letters so he can do his job? How will he do it? Will Klaus help him?

Movie Quotes:

“A true act of goodwill always sparks another.”

“Well, look who’s suddenly a chatterbox. Tell me, what made you squander all those words into that nugget of wisdom?”

“Are we starting to connect the dots?”

“What am I gonna do? Stay forever in this little town? Hanging out with an old woodsman? Surrounded by crazy people? Never wanting anything more?”

“Interesting choice of words.”

“This town was built on resentment and spite.”

“Let go. It’s not worth it.”

“Children are the future.”

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