Back to Christmas by Dennis Canfield Book Review


The Krumwerths are in the Naughty List for the third consecutive year.

Will they be in the Permanent Naughty List and be doomed forever?

Or will they be able to discover the true meaning of Christmas in their hearts and save themselves from the impending doom ahead?

Book Title: Back to Christmas

Author: Dennis Canfield

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My Thoughts on Back to Christmas

Fast-paced and unputdownable, I finished it in one sitting. I was thinking of reading a few chapters before cooking dinner, but then I got hooked. It’s just unputdownable.

I love the writing style and I love the chapter titles.

“Back to Christmas” stresses the importance of spending quality time with family and how technology, despite its convenience, distracts us from forming meaningful connections with the people around us which I think is a pretty big issue that almost everyone can relate to.

I can’t stop myself from laughing at this: “Amanda, do you remember when we made this one? You were four years old. You thought the glitter was so pretty you dumped the whole jar in your hair.”

I like this line from the book:

“Sometimes, crazy is exactly what we need.” -Santa

I personally like reading the Table of Contents of a book because I think it makes the story more intriguing.

Like Chapter 10 in Back to Christmas having the chapter title, “Do You Remember?” and chapter 12 “I Haven’t Figured That Out Yet.”

It makes me curious as to what the memory is, and as to what he hasn’t figured out yet.

I think that’s one of the reasons that it got me hooked up and wanting to read the next chapter immediately.

That is why, I have added the chapter titles of “Back to Christmas” in this review.

Back to Christmas

Chapter 1: Head Labeling Elf

Chapter 2: Can I Do It Later?

Chapter 3: The Permanent Naughty List

Chapter 4: Even Santa

Chapter 5: The North-South Pole

Chapter 6: You Mean a Real Elf?

Chapter 7: Invisible

Chapter 8: Certifiably Hopeless

Chapter 9: Three Tasks

Chapter 10: Do You Remember?

Chapter 11: It Isn’t Certain, Is It?

Chapter 12: I Haven’t Figured That Out Yet

Chapter 13: Trust Me, It’s For The Best

Chapter 14: Sundown

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