Smart Moves by Sam Deep & Lyle Sussman

“Smart Moves” is a compilation of checklists to bring out the best out of an individual. I wish I’d met this book earlier, but it’s never too late to improve oneself. To become a better version of yourself and be proud of who you are.

Smart Moves by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman is a real gem. First published in 1990 with editions after, the lessons in this book are timeless.

Communication is vital for survival. Infants cry when they are hungry or hurt. They laugh when happy and smile when they see something pleasant. Crying is how infants communicate before they learn how to weave words together and create intelligible sentences.

We’ve been communicating since early childhood. Yet, way into adulthood, we still haven’t mastered this skill. This skill of communication.

It can be frustrating sometimes when we mean something and the listener takes a different meaning. This happens because of our lack of communication skills.

That’s when Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman’s book, “Smart Moves” comes to the rescue.

From learning more about yourself as a communicator to delivering powerful presentations, this book teaches how to communicate effectively.

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