WHAT: Reading Marathon #readathon

WHEN: March 29, 2020 (Sun)

WHERE: Instagram @flexireads

WHO: Everyone is welcome to join

HOW: Post a picture of the books you’ll be reading during the event, and tag @flexireads with the hashtags #readathon #24hourreadathon and #flexireadathon

The goal of this reading marathon is to read as many books as you can for the whole day in order to shave off those ever-growing mountain of “to-be-read” books piling up in the bookshelf. 📚

24 HOURS doesn’t literally mean you’ll be reading the whole 24 hours; no sleeping and no eating. What it means is that the main activity of your day (Sunday) will be reading books.

Got books collecting dust in the bookshelf or a book you’ve been putting off reading? Join us on #readathon on Instagram!

How is everyone coping with COVID-19?

Stay indoors, stay safe!

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