An Elegant Defense by Matt Richtel Book Review

An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System

Intricately crafted and deeply informative, “An Elegant Defense” by Pulitzer Prize Winner and New York Times Best-Selling Author Matt Richtel, is a must-read.

Bacteria and viruses have been regarded as villains throughout history. Among these so-called villains are E.coli, salmonella, HIV, and Ebola. These deadly bacteria and viruses have claimed the lives of millions of people.

But in his book “An Elegant Defense,” Matt Richtel talks about bacteria and viruses and how some of these “villains” are actually crucial for our survival. According to him, only a mere 1% is likely to cause illness.

The miraculous recovery of his dear friend from cancer with the help of a drug that utilizes the powers of the immune system has inspired Matt Richtel to write about our built-in defense system, the immune system.

In “An Elegant Defense,” you will come to learn what viruses are crucial to survival, what T-cells and B-cells are, and how they fight off intruders to the human body.

Matt Richtel delves into the immune system. He describes the immune system as an “elegant defense” against these deadly diseases which is where he got the title of his book from.

“If the immune system is not aggressive enough, it leaves us vulnerable to malignant pathogens. If it’s too aggressive, it can kill us.”

He touches on the history of the discovery of immunology and how, with the help of a starfish larvae, a white-blooded dog, and a chicken’s purse has given rise to immunology.

Matt Richtel explains scientific terminologies and the processes very simply that after reading “An Elegant Defense,” you’ll come to know your body more and will make you feel like an expert in immunology.

A must-read for those seeking to understand their own bodies and the wonders that happen within, for those who are curious about the history of the discovery of immunology, and for people who are interested in immunology but don’t want to read those boring scientific books.

Overall, “An Elegant Defense” by Matt Richtel is an enjoyable and informative, and a sad yet hopeful read.

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