8 Surefire Ways to Get People to Instantly Like You

8 Surefire Ways to Get People to Instantly Like You

We all have that one friend who makes people instantly like them after just a few exchanges of words. That one friend who gets along well with everyone in the room.

How do they do that? Is it a skill you learn or an inborn ability? Do they become liked just by being themselves?

Sure, staying true to yourself and just being yourself is great. But let’s face it; you can’t please everyone.

Even the queen who is dearly loved by almost everybody has her fair share of haters too.

But what you can do is give them what they want. What does this mean? How do they get people to like them instantly? Let’s read on to find out.

1. Know their likes and dislikes. Find out what their likes and dislikes are and be interested in knowing more about it (or at least try to sound interested). This is a no brainer but deserves to be mentioned because it works every single time; since people like talking about themselves.

2. Look for common interests. Find out what you have in common and you’ll have tons to talk about without trying to sound like you’re interested because you actually are.

3. Shower them with compliments. Simple but it works. Compliment their fashion, how their dress matches their sandals or accessories, etc. It can be whatever. They will like what they’re hearing, which is what you’re saying, making them like you.

4. Show admiration at what they do. Find out what that person is good at and let them know how amazing you think they really are for being good at what they do. It can be their job, piano skills, taste in music or their sense of responsibility. Bring that topic up in your conversations. They’ll either thank you or deny it. Either way, they’ll be screaming of joy inside and they’ll remember that you bothered to mention it to them.

5. Don’t talk too much about yourself. They’re probably interested in you too, but humans are selfish beings and want to talk about themselves most of the time than have to listen to you speak. Keep asking questions about themselves. Like I’ve mentioned in number 1, people like talking about themselves.

6. When you ask questions, actually listen to their answers. This is different from just trying to sound interested. In this case, you might not actually be interested, but pay attention to what they are saying so that you will have a response ready. They will appreciate you for lending them your ears because again, people love to be heard.

7. Smile and laugh. Let me ask you this question. Would you rather be with a happy person or with one that is frowning? With the happy person, right? Well, everyone else does too. Laughter is contagious, but smile is actually contagious too! So smile, but don’t look creepy. If you’re the serious type of person and only smile or laugh when you actually want to and have difficulty faking laughter, then you might want to work on your smile and laughter in front of the mirror. I know it sounds weird smiling or laughing at yourself in front of the mirror, but at least no one is watching. You’d rather be humiliated just by yourself than in front of other people, right? Practice until it doesn’t look like a creepy smile or a nervous laughter.

8. Exert effort on your appearance or at least dress appropriately. If you’re not that confident with the way you speak or are just really nervous that you’re afraid that no words will come out of your mouth, then at least exert effort on your appearance. 60% of the time, people judge you by the way you look. You don’t have to put on lots of make up. Just be presentable. Dress appropriately and work on that smile. Take a shower. Seriously. Proper hygiene makes you feel good and everyone around you too.

To summarize, know their likes and dislikes, look for common interests, shower them with compliments, show admiration at what they do, don’t talk too much about yourself, ask them questions and actually listen to their answers, smile and laugh, and exert effort on your appearance because first impression lasts.

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