WHAT: Reading Marathon #readathon

WHEN: March 29, 2020 (Sun)

WHERE: Instagram @flexireads

WHO: Everyone is welcome to join

HOW: Post a picture of the books you’ll be reading during the event, and tag @flexireads with the hashtags #readathon #24hourreadathon and #flexireadathon

The goal of this reading marathon is to read as many books as you can for the whole day in order to shave off those ever-growing mountain of “to-be-read” books piling up in the bookshelf. 📚

24 HOURS doesn’t literally mean you’ll be reading the whole 24 hours; no sleeping and no eating. What it means is that the main activity of your day (Sunday) will be reading books.

Got books collecting dust in the bookshelf or a book you’ve been putting off reading? Join us on #readathon on Instagram!

How is everyone coping with COVID?

Stay indoors, stay safe!



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Today’s first read of the #readathon is, “The Land of Stories Beyond the Kingdoms” by “Chris Colfer.” 📚 💕 . . Join us by posting a picture of the books you’ll be reading during the event and tag @flexireads with the hashtags #readathon #24hourreadathon and #flexireadathon . . What are you reading? Comment down below 🙂 . . The Land of Stories Beyond the Kingdoms Synopsis 📖 💡 . . The Masked Man is on the loose in the Land of Stories, and it’s up to Alex and Conner Bailey to stop him. The Bailey twins discover the Masked Mans secret scheme: He possesses a powerful magic potion that turns every book it touches into a portal, and he is recruiting an army of literature’s greatest vilains! . . So begins a race through the magical Land of Oz, the fantastical world of Neverland, the madness of Wonderland, and beyond. Can Alex and Conner catch up to the Masked Man, or will they be one step behind until it’s too late? . . #readathon #24hourreadathon #flexireadathon #fiction #books #reading #snow #bookstagram #thelandofstories #beyondthekingdoms #chriscolfer

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Book of the Month

The Advice Trap by Michael Bungay Stanier

Be humble, stay curious, and change the way you lead forever.

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