10 Golden Rules of Chess Opening

A chess game is divided into 3 phases called the OPENING, MIDDLE GAME, and ENDGAME.


Funny and Relatable Chess Memes Portrayed by Babies

Chess is a game that requires concentration, accurate calculation, the ability to read moves ahead, etc. Woah, it all sounds too serious. In the chess world, it’s not only about the battle of intelligence, but of creativity as well. So this time, I’m going to be creative with this post and create memes relatable to…

Chess Quotes

Instagram: @easynihonggo Bookstagram: @flexireads YouTube: Flexi Aquilla Facebook: Flexi Reads Twitter: flexi_reads Pinterest: Flexi Aquilla I’ve been playing chess again after years of being inactive and attacking and capturing pieces has never felt so thrilling. For me, I think that the way I play chess reflects how I live my life. In today’s blogpost, I…