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Fields of Study Japanese Vocabulary

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This week’s set of Japanese vocabularies are fields of study.

You will notice that the kanji 学 (gaku) is in every field of study. 学 means “study of”

1. 医学 (igaku) Medical Science

2. 薬学 (yaku gaku) Pharmacology

3. 化学 (kagaku) Chemistry

4. 生化学 (sei kagaku) Biochemistry

5. 生物学 (seibutsu gaku) Biology

6. 地学 (chi gaku) Earth Sciences


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7. 地質学 (chishitsu gaku) Geology

8. 鉱物学 (koubutsu gaku) Mineralogy

9. 岩石学 (ganseki gaku) Petrology

10. 地球物理学 (chikyuu butsuri gaku) Geophysics

11. 地球科学 (chikyuu kagaku) Geochemistry

12. 地震学 (jishin gaku) Seismology

Learn Japanese With These Study Materials

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How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You Back

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Wondering if that cute boy next door likes you back or that hottie from the soccer team fancies you or that nerd from science class thinks about you as often as you think about him?

I feel the butterflies in my stomach just writing this post.

I won’t let you wait any more because I’m sure you’re dying to know if your crush likes you back.

Here are 9 signs you should keep an eye on because he might just feel the same way.

1. He finds reasons to talk to you.

2. He laughs at your every joke. Even if they’re not that good.

3. He showers you with compliments.

4. He answers you immediately whether it be texts, calls, whatever they are.

5. He makes plans to see you as often as he can. It doesn’t only have to be the two of you. He will invite friends if he’s the shy type.

6. He is always happy to help you. He acts like a gentleman when you’re around.

7. He is really nice especially to you or when you’re around.

8. He tries to like the things you like or he discretely let’s you know that he’s interested in the same things as you.

9. Shyness around you. If he’s normally a super confident person, and talking to you turns him into a blubbering mush, it’s a pretty good sign he likes you.

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Word Press 1 year Anniversary ワードプレスの一年記念日

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1 year of blogging! Woohoo! 😄 I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. Thanks to Word Press for making it possible.
I still remember when I started out blogging exactly a year ago.

A friend of mine asked me, “Why don’t you start a blog?” and it got me thinking, “I never thought of that before, why don’t I start a blog?”  Of course there was a reason behind that.

Reason #1: I have no idea how to start a blog.

Reason #2: I don’t have confidence with my writing.

Last year, as I was scrolling through facebook in my newsfeed, an advertisement of Word Press caught my attention and I saw it as a sign to start blogging.

So I did. With my first post as a book review of Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle.

With 74 blog posts and 387 blog followers, a year has passed since I started this blog. I would like to put into words my heartfelt thank you to those who read my posts and followed me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



一番目の理由: どうやって始めるか分からない。

二番目の理由: 私の書く能力に自信が無い。




Book Giveaway Winner

Hey what’s up readers? I’ll be announcing today the winner of the book giveaway I held from November 9 until the 29th of November.

First of all, I would like to thank all those who joined the giveaway and made it a success. It wouldn’t have amounted for nothing were it not for your participation.

The Instober and Blogtober Success Book Giveaway Winner is Mystique of the_mystique_reader. Congratulations! 😄📚❤🎁🎉

I have read and enjoyed every comment you guys wrote on my blogposts and Instagram posts. I want to make all those who participated and those who followed the rules be the winners but I only have one book to giveaway.

To all those who joined but didn’t win, don’t worry, I’ll be doing another giveaway soon so stay tuned. 😊

Cheers to more books! 😄📚💖


We Climbed Mt. Takao 

Hey what’s up readers? Today’s post isn’t anything book-related but I hope you’ll enjoy it nontheless. I went to Mt. Takao, a mountain 599 m high in Japan and the autumn leaves were so beautiful that I want to share a video with you guys. Enjoy! 😄❤🍁
You can watch it on YouTube here.

That’s it for today, thank you guys for watching! 😄❤