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Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak

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Book Title Seven Days of Us
Author Francesca Hornak
Publisher Berkeley Books and Random House Large Print Publishing
Publication Dates October 17, 2017
Formats Hardcover and Paperback (Large Print)

A family can’t escape their secrets when they’re forced to spend a week in quarantine in this “sharply funny” (People) novel–an Indie Next and #1 Library Reads Pick!

It’s Christmas, and for the first time in years the entire Birch family will be under one roof. Even Emma and Andrew’s elder daughter–who is usually off saving the world–will be joining them at Weyfield Hall.

But Olivia, a doctor, is only coming home because she has to. She’s just returned from treating an epidemic abroad and has been told she must stay in quarantine for a week…and so too should her family.

For the next seven days, the Birches are locked down, cut off from the rest of humanity, and forced into each other’s orbits. Younger, unabashedly frivolous daughter Phoebe is fixated on her upcoming wedding, while Olivia deals with the culture shock of first-world problems.

As Andrew sequesters himself in his study writing scathing restaurant reviews and remembering his glory days as a war correspondent, Emma hides a secret that will turn the whole family upside down.

In close proximity, not much can stay hidden for long, and as revelations and long-held tensions come to light, nothing is more shocking than the unexpected guest who’s about to arrive….


About the Author:
FRANCESCA HORNAK is a journalist and writer whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines, including The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Red.

She is the author of two nonfiction books, History of the World in 100 Modern Objects: Middle-Class Stuff (and Nonsense) and Worry with Mother: 101 Neuroses for the Modern Mama.

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Hardcover, Paperback


    November 10, 2020
    Seven Days of Us starts out slowly but stay with it because it is one of the best books I have read in a while. Francesca Hornak masterfully weaves various characters’ tales together in a witty and believable manner that kept me laughing (except for one heartbreaking scene) and dying to know what would happen next. The characters are well-developed, and the author delves into the circumstances that create each individual’s current circumstance and personality. In doing so, Hornak adds depth to each character, and I found myself more sympathetic to the characters that were not as likeable initially. I highly, highly recommend Seven Days of Us.
    November 10, 2020
    Seven Days of Us is a light, quick holiday read that is perfect for anyone who loves character studies. It was reminiscent of the movie The Family Stone, which I very much enjoy watching every Christmas.
    November 10, 2020
    Seven Days of Us is a touching yet funny drama set over the Christmas period. Full of witty observations into family life and thought provoking moments, it was a pleasure to escape into over the craziness of Christmas time.
    November 10, 2020
    I wasn't sure what this book was going to be like at first, but once each chapter began to reveal things about each character, it became a very good read for me. I laughed a lot as well as worried a lot. The funniest thing was that each year they planted the Christmas tree back in the same spot and uprooted it again for the next Christmas. The worries about their secret were intense for some of the characters, and I worried along with them. SEVEN DAYS OF US was well written and a light read even though some of the issues were not light. The family grew on me to the point that I would have liked to be quarantined with them. An enjoyable read that will have you wondering what decisions you would have made about your secrets and situations.
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