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A Deadly Education (The Scholomance #1)

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Book Title: A Deadly Education

Author: Naomi Novik

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Format: Hardcover


In the start of an all-new series, the bestselling author of Uprooted and Spinning Silver introduces you to a school for the magically gifted where failure means certain death — until one girl begins to unlock its many secrets.

Enter  a school of magic unlike any you have ever encountered: There are no teachers, no holidays, and no friendships save strategic ones. Survival is more important than any letter grade, for the school won’t allow its students to leave until the y graduate… or die.

The rules are deceptively simple: Don’t walk the halls alone. And beware of the monsters that lurk everywhere.

El is uniquely prepared for the school’s dangers. She way be without allies, but she possesses a dark power strong enough to level mountains and wipe out untold millions. It would be easy enough for El to defeat the monsters that prowl the school.

The problem? Her powerful dark magic might also kill all the other students. So El is trying her hardest not to use her power… at least not until she has no other option.

Meanwhile, her fellow student, the insufferable Orion Lake, is making heroism look like a breeze. He’s saved hundreds of lives — including El’s — with his flashycambat magic.

But in the spring of their junior year, after Orion rescues El for the second time and makes her look more of an outcast than she already is, she reaches an impulsive conclusion: Orion Lake must die.

But El is about to learn some lessons she never could in the classroom: About the school. About Orion Lake. And about who she really is.

Wry, witty, endlessly inventive, and mordantly funny — yet with a true depth at its hart — this enchanting novel reminds us that there are far more important things than mere survival.


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1 review for A Deadly Education (The Scholomance #1)

    October 31, 2020
    A Deadly Education is a book that lives up to its gobsmacker of an opening sentence and follows right through to its shocker of an ending that promises more to come. Naomi Novik is relentlessly innovative and entertaining.
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