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9-year-old Science Podcaster Nate Butkus

Website: The Show About Science

Podcast: The Show About Science

The Show About Science

9-year-old Nate Butkus has been hosting the conversational science podcast, “The Show About Science,” since he was just 5 years old.

“The Show About Science” covers various science-related topics from biology to chemistry, forensics to climate change, and evolution to nanotechnology.

Nate interviews scientists and educators from around the world and each episode is filled with fascinating information about, you guessed it, science.

Science has been his favorite topic since he was three. At 3 years old, he made red salt water with salt, water, and red food coloring.

He loves his necktie and wears them to school almost every single day except for when it needs to be cleaned.

His dad books the guests and Nate has to approve of them. If they’re lucky, sometimes the guest books them.

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