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Did You Know That Jellyfishes Don’t Have Brains Nor Hearts?

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No brain? No heart?

How in the world do these translucent gelatinous and at times luminescent floating sea creatures survive?

Jellyfishes may not have a central nervous system consisting a brain and spinal cord, but they do possess an unusual kind of nervous system which consists of a net of nerves that conduct sensory and motor activities.

The nerves in this system send chemical signals to their muscles to contract and perform activities necessary for survival such as eating, excreting waste, reproducing, swimming, etc.

Now, the no heart part.

Jellyfishes don’t have a heart because they don’t need one. Let’s try to remember the functions of a heart. The heart pumps blood to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Jellyfishes don’t have blood so they don’t need an organ to pump it. As for oxygen, they have very thin skin that they are able to absorb oxygen right through it!

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