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Blogtober and Instober Success Giveaway!

What’s up readers? I’m finally doing a giveaway and I’m so excited! 😄 Instober and Blogtober just finished last month and to celebrate the success, I’m giving back to you guys through this giveaway.

In one of my previous posts, I asked you guys what book you want me to give away and there were no (specific) books that you wanted so I had a hard time deciding.

Dan Brown is one of my favorite authors and I’m sure many of you are fans of his books too and since he just realeased another book last month with the title “Origin,” I think it’ll be a perfect choice of book to give away. ☺

How to Enter the Giveaway:

1. Repost
this picture (on Instagram) with the hashtag #instobersuccessgiveaway and #blogtobersuccessgiveaway

Follow me on:
Instagram: @flexireads  
Blog: flexireads.com

In the comment section of this post, tag 3 book lovers to join this giveaway.

4. Comment
on any of my Instober AND Blogtober posts. Let me know what post you like best and why.

…..yes, this giveaway is international. ☺

This giveaway will be until the 29th of November and I will be announcing the winner 30th of November.

Goodluck readers and cheers to more books! 😄📚❤