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10-year-old Ryan Hickman Makes A Difference Through Recycling

Website: Ryan’s Recycling Company

YouTube: Ryan Hickman

“If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

-Ryan Hickman

10-year-old Ryan Hickman has been recycling cans, plastic bottles, and glasses since he was 3 years old.

Ever since, he has been picking up trash from the neighborhood and has been taking them to recycling centers to be made into new things.

The reason why he got into recycling was because it’s good for the environment and he wanted to make a difference.

He now has a recycling company, “Ryan’s Recycling Company,” where a customer contacts him to pick their cans and bottles to be recycled. His dad helps him with the driving and the carrying of heavy stuff.

He hosts a YouTube channel, Ryan Hickman, where he explains what are recyclable and not, answers letters about recycling, does beach clean-ups, and other recycling-related videos.

He also gives talks about recycling at schools and start recycling programs, as well as donate garbage cans with easy to understand labels so that they can recycle right.

He sometimes drives around his neighborhood with his mini car, collecting cans and bottles.

Ryan has donated a total of $9,000 to PMMC (Pacific Marine Mammal Center) out of the money he got from recycling. Aside from that, he is saving money to buy a recycling truck.

To help make a difference, visit Ryan’s Recycling

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