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Alone But Not Lonely

I write on my blog. I love writing. I enjoy me time. I love to be immersed in my own thoughts, but being diagnosed with depression it’s not easy living alone.

I do meet my friends from time to time, but during working hours where I do everything alone, it gets lonesome and there are times I get unmotivated.

So during days like this, I either go to the park and write articles there, or to a cafe to change environment.

Yesterday, I went to the park and wrote articles. It was a warm day and very windy. Very very very windy. It was just the right balance because the sun on my skin was warm and the wind was cool. Just the right temperature for me.

There were children playing in the park. They looked so happy. Seeing them playing happily brings a smile to my face. One of the kids smiled at me and I smiled back. I felt so warm inside.

I was alone in my own thoughts but I didn’t feel lonely. There were people around me who were doing their own business like jogging, taking a stroll, playing with friends, etc.

There are times when I feel so alone despite being surrounded by a lot of people, because they look so happy together with the people they’re with. Whereas I’m all by myself with no one to talk to.

But I realized that if I just do what I love to do alone, surrounded by happy people, then that feeling of being alone would go away.

Because physically, I’m not really alone since there are people around me. As well as emotionally, I don’t feel alone because I’m enjoying what I’m doing. Like reading a book, writing a poem or an article, etc.

I also love going to the movie theater because I get to enjoy the movie with other people, but at the same time minding my own thoughts.

I like how we (people at the movie theater) get absorbed when watching the movie and we don’t talk (well, we’re supposed to keep quiet) but we’re focused on the same thing and thinking and feeling almost the same things.

Occasional bursts of laughter are heard when a joke is told or something funny happens.

It’s like being alone but not really. Being alone but not feeling lonely.

How about you? Do you have moments when you’re alone but not lonely? Let me know in the comment section below.

Cheers to a happy life!

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Relatable to Book Lovers 

What’s up readers? It’s the 8th day of Blogtober! If you don’t know what Blogtober is, it is a series I am conducting that starts from the first of October where in I post on my blog eveyday until Halloween. 🎃

Today’s post is “Relatable to Book Lovers” and if you love books or just love to read in general, then I’m sure you can relate to at least one of these. I hope you enjoy! 😄


A novel: Oh, only 180 pages left, I’ll finish this today.

A textbook: Another 8 pages left, what the heck this is too much.


Today, I fell in love with another fictional character.


Me: It’s getting pretty late, I should probably go to bed.

Book: But there’s only a little over hundred pages left.

Me: Can’t argue with that, let’s do this.

The problem with reading a good book is that you want to finish the book, but you don’t want to finish the book.

When I said I’d come to bed after I finished the chapter, I meant the last chapter.
In my dream world, reading makes me thin.

: You have too many books.

: More like not enough bookshelves.

: I need to stop buying books. Oh look! A bookstore!

Comment down if you can relate to any of these.
👇 ☺
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