Spring Mini Clothing Haul 春のクローズホール

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It’s finally spring! The birds are chirping, the flowers are in full bloom, and the warm rays of the sun are inviting me to spend more time outdoors.

I got myself some clothes for spring at Mode Off which is a vintage shop in Japan. The prices were very cheap despite the clothes being very cute and stylish.

I highly recommend visiting Mode Off when you come to Japan. They’re everywhere in Tokyo. They have outlets in Ueno, Shimokitazawa, Suginami, Kichijoji, Setagaya, Chofu, Shinagawa, etc.

I did a Spring Mini Clothing Haul in my Youtube channel at Flexi Aquilla. So if you’re interested in what I bought, here’s the video.


Winter in Tokyo

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Konnichiwa! It rarely snows in Tokyo compared to Hokkaido but it did this year!

It was very cold but the beautiful scenery before my eyes made me forget how cold it was.

Spring is almost here so I compiled short videos I filmed during winter.

I hope you enjoy! 😊

Thank you for watching! ❄⛄

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Learn Kanji Numbers

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The Japanese language has 3 different writing styles, namely the Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to read AND write kanji. I’ve created a video to show you the proper way of writing them as well as proper pronunciation.


If you don’t want to watch the video, just keep scrolling.


One ( 一 ) いち ( ichi )

Two ( 二 ) に ( ni )

Three ( 三 ) さん ( san )

Four ( 四 ) よん ( yon )

Five ( 五 ) ご ( go )

Six ( 六 ) ろく ( roku )

Seven ( 七 ) なな/しち ( nana/shichi)

Eight ( 八 ) はち ( hachi )

Nine ( 九 ) きゅう ( kyuu )

Ten ( 十 ) じゅう ( jyuu )

Hundred ( 百 ) びゃく ( hyaku )

Thousand ( 千 ) せん ( sen)

Ten thousand ( 万 ) まん ( man )

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Thank you for reading and good luck on your language learning journey! 🤗
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7 Cat and Book Memes Only Reading Addicts Can Relate To


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1. That’s not how it was in the book.

2. You, I like you.

3. Pardon?

4. How in the world is the author going to sum all this up?

5. What did I used to do before this?

6. At the library

7. It’s the end of the world.

Which one can you relate to the most? Let me know in the comment section. 😺📚💕


Mini Book Haul

Google Translates Harry Potter Titles

Google Translates Book Titles Part 1

Google Translates Book Titles Part 2

Mini Book Haul – ミニブックホール

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So I went to Book Off to find some dictionaries in different languages but ended up buying other books instead, and not a single dictionary.


If you haven’t heard of Book Off, it’s a vintage shop in Japan selling used books, CDs, DVDs, gadgets, and toys, but mostly books. They also sell new books in the first floor.

ブックオフ知らない方は日本人にはいないと思いますが、ブックオフはもう使わなくなった本や、CD, DVD, ゲームなどが売られている所です。ほとんどは本ですけど。

I created a video in my YouTube Channel, Flexi Aquilla. Please check it out and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos. ☺️


If you’d rather read than watch, then just keep on scrolling. 🙂



I was hoping to find dictionaries in Korean-English, Japanese-English, Spanish-English, and Russian-English, but haven’t found a single dictionary on sale. All of them are new so I think I’ll have to wait until used dictionaries will be available. Besides, I can use the dictionaries on my phone. I just wanted a physical copy.


So I thought to myself, why not look at other books since I’m already here? I can’t go into a bookstore and not spend hours looking at books and feeling their pages.


I had no intention of buying any books aside from dictionaries, but as I was walking down the aisle of books, I found Lonely Planet: Spain for only ¥300 so I grabbed it before anyone else would. I’ve been collecting Lonely Planet books because I like to read about other countries in order to widen my understanding of the world.

辞書以外本を買うつもりはなかったんですけど、ロンリープラネットスペインが ¥300だけでしたので買うことにしました。世界の知識をもっと広げる為にロンリープラネットの本を最近、集め始めました。

Lonely Planet: Spain

The next book I got is Two-Minute Mysteries by Donald J. Sobol, which consists of 79 quickie mysteries, filled with very tricky clues.


Two-Minute Mysteries by Donald J. Sobol

I also got 2 children’s books, one being a series I’ve been collecting when I was in grade school but haven’t completed, which is the Dork Diaries by Renée Russell. I don’t own the Dork Diaries: Pop Star yet, so I’m adding this to my bookshelf.


 Dork Diaries: Pop Star by Rachel Renée Russell

The other one is A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Slippery Slope by Lemony Snicket. It’s the 10th book and I have to admit, I only red Book 1 but I don’t mind skipping. (Even if it’s 8 books)


A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Slippery Slope by Lemony Snicket

I’ve been feeling the need to read children’s books lately, what with all the global warming problems we’ve been discussing at school. I need a little break.


The last book I got is Breaking Into Japanese Literature by Giles Murray. It features 7 stories covering a variety of genres by famous Japanese authors.


Breaking Into Japanese Literature by Giles Murray

What I love about this book is that there’s Japanese text, then the translation in English, and a list of vocabularies with meaning so the reader doesn’t need to find the words in the dictionary every single time when met with a new word.


I’m satisfied with this mini book haul despite the fact that I wasn’t able to buy what I came for.


Have you read any of these books? Are there any of these in your TBR? I would love to hear from you! 😊